Competitions are open to all registered K-12 and undergraduate collegiate participants for the Wisconsin Flute Festival. Each competitor must also pay the competition fee in addition to the Festival registration fee. Proper registration is the responsibility of each participant. Failure to fully and properly register by listed deadlines will result in the forfeiture of your spot in the competition. All fees are non-refundable. See below for general procedures, deadlines and details on each competition.


General Procedures and Deadlines:

  1. If your piece(s) has a piano part, you are required to perform with a pianist. Competitors are responsible for arranging for their own pianist. A list of recommended, Madison-area pianists, is available upon request.
  2. All pianists, family and friends accompanying a competitor must also be registered as non-flutists ($5.00 each).
  3. Competitors are responsible for their own travel and expenses.
  4. All applications and fees must be submitted by 11:59PM (CT) on February 8, 2017. (Deadline Extended)
  5. By participating in the competition you agree to accept all judges’ decisions as final.


YOUNG ARTIST COMPETITION – Sponsored by Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestras

See below for details on the competition.

Competition Prizes:

1st place – $500.00

2nd place – $300.00

3rd place – $200.00

The Wisconsin Flute Festival Young Artist Competition is designed for flutists who are 18 years or younger in grade K-12. No preliminary recording is required to enter the competition. Please be prepared to play a solo that is a maximum of 8 minutes long. Pieces should be selected from the WSMA Class A list or be of a comparable level of difficulty. If you wish to perform a solo not currently included on the WSMA Class A list, please contact us to request approval of your selection prior to registering for the competition.

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COLLEGIATE COMPETITION – Sponsored by Eric and Tobi Breisach and Karl Sandelin in honor of Joyce Sandelin

See below for details on the competition.

Competition Prizes:

1st place – $1,000.00

2nd place – $750.00

3rd place – $500.00

The WIFF Collegiate Competition is designed for flutists who are currently enrolled in undergraduate studies. The competition consists of a recorded preliminary round from which competitors will be chosen to advance to the live round at the Wisconsin Flute Festival. Please read all the information below.


Preliminary Round:

Applicants must submit a high-quality, unedited recording (mp3 or Wav only) of one of the following pieces.

  1. Daniel Dorff – Sonata (Three Lakes) Mvt. I
  2. Daniel Dorff – Sonata (Three Lakes) Mvt. III
  3. Philippe Gaubert – Fantasie
  4. Philippe Gaubert – Nocturne et Allegro Scherzando
  5. Sergei Prokofiev – Sonata in D Major, Op. 94 Mvt. I
  6. Sergei Prokofiev – Sonata in D Major, Op. 94 Mvt. IV


Final (Live) Round:

Applicants must select and submit their final round program with their application. The program should not exceed 15 minutes in total length, including time to get on and off stage. It is strongly recommended that the program represent contrasting styles and time periods. Performance of a single movement, omitting repeats and cutting piano-only sections is permitted. Any other cuts must be approved in advance by the Wisconsin Flute Festival Competitions Committee.

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